Mary Wiesman

Undergraduate: Marquette University, 2017
Graduate degree and program: MHSA, University of Michigan 2020
Why did you pursue a fellowship: I sought out a fellowship program because I wanted to continue discovering my passions in health care while developing life-long mentors and relationships. The fellowship program provides a unique opportunity to make connections with leaders across the enterprise in addition to providing limitless project opportunities.

Alexis O'Leary

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2018
Graduate Degree and Program: MHSA, MBA, Xavier University 2021
Why did you pursue a fellowship? The fellowship allows up-and-coming leaders the opportunity to work with and be mentored by senior executives within top organizations. Fellows are able to further enhance their leadership and problem-solving skills through project work, build relationships that will last throughout one’s career and gain exposure in areas that will further develop an individual’s interests.

Vanessa Savage

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University, 2019
Graduate Degree and Program: MHA, University of Iowa, 2021
Why did you pursue a fellowship? Going into my second year of the MHA program at the University of Iowa, I chose to pursue an administrative fellowship because I believe that they offer a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive within a health care system. The Froedtert & MCW fellowship in particular gives fellows a wide variety of projects, strong support network of health care leaders and greater insight into the realm of academic medicine — all of which drew me to this program.

Madison Crowe

Undergraduate: University of South Carolina, 2019
Graduate Degree and Program: MHA, Medical University of South Carolina, 2021
Why did you pursue a fellowship? I chose to pursue an administrative fellowship because I was interested in learning more about several areas throughout a health system while developing my skills and serving a large population. An administrative fellowship position is a great way to expose yourself to a variety of projects, executives, and departments, and I knew the position would set me up for future success in the health care field.